We’re off!

Today marks the official start of Radio Wave, and the first ripples are already beginning to be heard around the globe.

Already in the state of Maine, USA, folks from Unity College (who helped lead the charge to get Obama to commit to putting solar panels on the White House) were on WERU discussing the their solar road trip last year, the Tar Sands Action, the global climate movement, along with the new song and its connections to this movement. And later today the wave will be picked up in Indonesia and the Philippines as well, where the song will be heard on Indonesia L Retina FM, GreenRadio FM, and DYRC FM Cebu.

And this is just the beginning.

We’re going to spread these first ripples into a great wave of radio movement across the globe these coming two weeks. In just a matter of days, 350 organizers have signed up to get the song on radio where they live in 38 countries and counting. From New Zealand to Niger, Tonga to Tunisia, Colombia to Cote D’Ivoire — the wave is spreading.

So, if you haven’t joined in yet already, sign up to take our movement to the ‘airwaves’ where you live by clicking here, and then share the song and the resources to your friends all over your country and around the world to have them join in as well.

Off we go!