Good Morning Africa (1.5 Million Viewers) Interview

Amazing 350 activist Tracy Frayne tells about her first T.V. interview that she did to spread the word about Radiowave and the growing climate movement.  The interview was for Good Morning Africa – a morning T.V. show that is broadcast in South Africa and numerous other African countries.  Join the wave and lets keep on spreading the climate message!

Here’s Tracy’s recap of the interview:

“Friday morning saw me head off to Planet Image Productions in Johannesburg to be interviewed along with artists C.9ine, for the Good Morning Africa television show, which is broadcast on the Africa Channel on DSTV right across Africa – to some 1.5 million viewers – in order to promote 350’s “People Power” song.

Having never done a television interview this was both exciting and nerve-wracking, but I think I managed to pull it off!

The South African group, C.9ine, is busy working on a remix of 350’s “Power People” song and we were to be interviewed together – C.9ine talking about their remix and myself acting as a representative of 350 and my interview. For various reasons, I ended up doing a separate interview to C.9ine, which gave me some extra space to talk more about climate change and why we all – rich and poor; urban and rural – need to concern ourselves with the climate crisis.

I hope the interview will come out well, and that once the full segment is put together, with both the 350 views on climate change and C.9ines views on how music aids spreading the message, we’ll end up with a great story.

I’ll be sure to share the details as to when the show will air just as soon as I get them!


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