We’re extending Radio Wave by one week more.

Our push to take the movement to the airwaves continues to spread across the globe. As of today there are waves signed up in 59 countries and counting. So why stop now?

COP17 (the 17th UN climate change negotiation conference) is underway here in Durban, South Africa and it goes for another week until December 9 as well. Briefly, the conference, COP17, isn’t very uplifting with rich countries hiding from their responsibilities and looking to delay the whole process (more than they already have). So we’re going to extend Radio Wave through that duration as well to make sure our people power message is shared ever wider.

And remember, to all of you reaching out to your local or national radio. When you do succeed in getting on that radio, please be sure to send in a report about your success here: http://radiowave.350.org/report-a-wave

For a bit of the more exciting, uplifting news from COP17, click here to read a new blog post up on the main 350 site.