Thank You for Riding the Radio Wave!


Huge thanks and salutations to all of you in the 350 network!

Many people around the world really went above and beyond to ensure that “350 Radio Wave” (our project to take over the airwaves with stories from the climate movement) was a huge success.

350’s amazing global grassroots network spread People Power, a new climate change song, to the airwaves in over 60 countries!  Together, we harnessed the power of music to educate the public about climate change. Some organisers managed to get their personal stories onto radio stations with huge audiences; others were smaller stations that the local community listened to. From stations in Texas to Cape Town, uplifting messages from the movement’s front-lines reached thousands of people’s hearts and minds.

The story of the song, People Power, continues to unfold. It was in regular rotation on South African radio stations during the UN climate talks in December 2011, and DJs are continuing to create amazing remixes. iTunes featured it as the “Free iTunes Song of the Week” in December 2011 — the first time a climate song has ever made this coveted spot. The song has been downloaded 100,000 times and counting!

This wonderful energy of people power – rippling out in story and song – is incredibly important. At this moment in history, politics and our media seem to be dominated by corporate polluters. Hope for climate action can seem dim, and we all worry that our message isn’t getting through.

But 350 Radio Wave has helped inspire people around the world to create a new wave of climate action, and I couldn’t be more grateful to be part of the movement that made it happen.

Let’s keep turning it around,

Samantha Bailey for the whole crew at

P.S. Check out this great Thank You video from Zolani, one of the artists featured in the “People Power” song.