Wave in India

Here in Hyderabad, India, climate change is not a phrase that the general public is aware of. With a population of 9 million, Hyderabad is a city that is running high on fossil fuel adrenaline. Sustainability is a key aspect for this growing megalopolis and the Government, private sector and civil society, all have a critical role to play.

In one of our first waves from India, N.S Prasad, our local organizer from Hyderabad has sent us this interview of his with the city’s most heard radio station called Rainbow FM. Here he speaks in a mix of Telugu (the local language), Hindi and English on subjects ranging from the science of global warming to the COP 17 negotiations in Durban. The show ends with the “People power” song.

350-radiowave-hyderabad by NS prasad

We hope to have more such shows before the campaign ends on December 2nd and relay these voices to our leaders and decision makers around the world.