Start a Wave

Start a wave by arranging a radio interview with your favourite DJ or radio programme host — to play the free song, and to give your own story of how climate is affecting your community and what you and your friends are doing about it!

Make sure you check out all the extra information and podcasts that you can use to help build the story around the song. We’re relying on people power to get this song and many climate stories populating the airwaves, so pick your stations and go for it! All we need is for you to fill out this form below to help us keep track of all your efforts and provide additional support.

And once you have added your details and have started contacting radio stations, you can report back with any interview(s) that you arrange. That way we’ll help spread the news as far as possible!

And don’t forget to check out the resources that can help you in reaching out to radio stations or conducting radio interviews here.