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Usaremos o poder da música e nossas vozes para levar o movimento climático às ondas do rádio. Músicos africanos compuseram uma música – “People Power” – que relata a realidade sobre as mudanças climáticas que estão afetando a África e nosso planeta e também nos chama à ação.


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Nous utilisons le pouvoir de la chanson et nos voix pour emmener le mouvement du climat sur les ondes. Les musiciens africains ont créé une nouvelle chanson intitulée « People Power » ou « Pouvoir du Peuple » qui raconte d’une part à quel point l’Afrique est affectée par les changements climatiques et qui, d’autre part, inspire les citoyens à s’unir pour créer un futur plus radieux pour chacun.

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Wir werden die Kraft der Musik nutzen, um unseren Stimmen Gehör zu verschaffen und von der Realität der Klimakrise zu erzählen. Afrikanische Musiker haben gemeinsam ein Lied geschrieben, dass “People Power” heisst, und das sich einerseits damit beschäftigt, wie schlimm der Klimawandel unseren Planeten und insbesondere Afrika trifft, und andererseits Leute zum Handeln inspirieren soll.

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Sobre Radio Wave

Estamos valiéndonos de la fuerza de una canción y nuestras propias voces para llevar el movimiento climático al mundo radial. Un grupo de músicos africanos ha creado la canción, titulada “People Power” (“El poder del pueblo”), que habla de la realidad sobre el gran impacto que está teniendo el cambio climático en África y todo el mundo y, además, hace un llamado a la acción.


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Radio Wave está en 62 países.

About Radio Wave

We are using the power of song and our voices to take the climate movement to the airwaves. African musicians have created a new song, titled “People Power,” that both tells the truth about how hard climate change is affecting Africa and our world, and it calls us to action. Read more…

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Friends, Huge thanks and salutations to all of you in the 350 network! Many people around the world really went above and beyond to ensure that “350 Radio Wave” (our project to take over the airwaves with stories from the climate movement) was a huge success. 350’s amazing global grassroots network spread People Power, a […]

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I have always believed that the solutions to the climate crisis in India lie in its villages. Rural India, where around 750 million Indians live is visibly the most impacted by climate change and also the most important demographic to tackle it too. Leading a less carbon intensive lifestyle, rural India exemplifies the real solutions […]

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The Nigerian-American singer Naira just sent us a beautiful remix of People Power.  Listen to her remix Stand Up! and read her personal story below.  And then join the wave by creating your own remix of how climate change is affecting you personally, your people, your country, our world by going to our remix page. […]

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Amazing 350 activist Tracy Frayne tells about her first T.V. interview that she did to spread the word about Radiowave and the growing climate movement.  The interview was for Good Morning Africa – a morning T.V. show that is broadcast in South Africa and numerous other African countries.  Join the wave and lets keep on […]

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Do you like the song, “People Power,” above? Want to join in the music making? We’re inviting folks to submit their own “People Power” remixes here. Check out the first remix by DJ Shiftee up and out already:

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We’re extending Radio Wave by one week more. Our push to take the movement to the airwaves continues to spread across the globe. As of today there are waves signed up in 59 countries and counting. So why stop now? COP17 (the 17th UN climate change negotiation conference) is underway here in Durban, South Africa […]

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Here in Hyderabad, India, climate change is not a phrase that the general public is aware of. With a population of 9 million, Hyderabad is a city that is running high on fossil fuel adrenaline. Sustainability is a key aspect for this growing megalopolis and the Government, private sector and civil society, all have a […]

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Sauti organizer Winnie Asiti from Kenya recorded a message yesterday to introduce folks to some of our 350 work here in Durban and invite you to join in Radio Wave. This is a smile you won’t want to miss…

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The UN climate meeting in Durban, South Africa, COP17, just got underway this past hour. And 30 minutes after typing this there will be the first general assembly outside the conference (#occupy style). Fitting with the musical spirit of the climate movement thus far in Durban already as well as with our push to share […]

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Cross-posted from… The annual United Nations climate summit is about to get going again — COP17 (the 17th conference of parties) in Durban, South Africa. But before diving more into the UN side of things, much more fun to share is the news from the seventh Conference of Youth (COY7) that’s happening as I […]

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